Ali: “Is it the role that defines the actor, or the actor that defines the role?”

Eighth guest on Actsiders, Ali Nasser is originally from Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor, voice actor, an improv performer at UCB and a copywriter!

As he’ll demonstrate in the episode, he is a wonderfully gifted voice actor. Proof of his talent, he was chosen by Disney to be the voice of Mickey Mouse back in Egypt.

In an effort to revive the theatre scene back there, he decided as a college student to create a theatre company. He also got cast in the Arabic adaptation of TV series ER.

In our conversation, you will hear us talk about the aftermath of the Arab Spring and how he is often confronted to a catch 22 when it comes to applying for Middle Eastern roles.

Have a look at the novel which Ali talks about; The Yacoubian building by Alaa-Al-Aswany.

Listen to Ali on:
More about Ali:

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