Acting with a passport

In this beach littered with billions of stories, Ingrid takes her time to pick up and look at each grain one at a time with wonderful detail. Actsiders grants you access into the fascinating lives of those of us who have chosen to peruse the craft.  More than this however, this podcast is ultimately about humans and how the love for art and entertainment shapes the journey of our lives.” David Raposo, NY actor and singer.

Launched in June 2017, Actsiders is a bi-weekly podcast about immigrant and international actors striving and living in the Big Apple.


Paz:”I love breaking these comfort zones that we all get”.

I am so grateful to be wrapping up this conversation series with our last guest of the season, Paz Garcia, a beautiful and soulful actress from Majorca – the biggest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean sea.

Before moving to New York, Paz first set foot in Barcelona where she discovered the Meisner Technique. There she started her career doing commercials, short films, prints.  She quickly felt like she needed more and New York looked like the perfect match. “When I follow my instinct something good happens.” she tells me. And as a matter of fact, her journey in New York has been incredibly rewarding. You will also hear her opening up about the origins of such an enduring inner trust and vision for herself.

Later on, we dwell upon the importance of saying “no” in a professional setting, the vital and necessary readjustments in one’s  career, her vision and project for a more “sensible” education system.  And for the last open mic of the season, Paz will be singing an Alicia Keys song.

Thank you Paz and all of you who have been listening and following Actsiders during this first season! It has been such a blast I cannot wait to launch the second season in the Spring 2018!

Wishing you all a magnificent Christmas!


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Riza: “My musical theatre studio back in Japan did a lot for me, in a tough way.”

Ninth guest on Actsiders Riza Takahashi is from Itami, a provincial town in the South of Japan. A dancer, singer and actor Riza is a gifted multifaceted artist. From an early age she was set on one goal: Broadway. And nothing would stop her.
At 16, she leaves her hometown and move to Canada to learn English. Despite the language barrier, she powers her way through highschool and enrolls at Hartford University within the musical theatre department. Since then, she has performed in a great variety of musicals from Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, The King and I to Spamalot – a hilarious adaptation from the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
As she tells me in our conversation, the journey has not also always been easy. You will hear us talk about her struggle with the language, the highly demanding training she received in Japan, the pros and cons of being a very specific type in this industry, but also her unwavering determination, and passion for coffee!
As a matter of fact, Riza has become a savvy coffee drinker, she now writes for a Japanese company and has a very popular Instagram account where she relates her coffee adventures. Listen to her give her top 3 NYC coffee shops.
Don’t miss out her beautiful performance at the end of the show. She interprets with her ukulele a song from Miyazaki’s The Cat Returns.
Look out early 2018 because you will be able to catch her on BROADWAY!


Actsiders was recently featured in Queens Courrier and LIC Courrier, you can read the article here.

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Ali: “Is it the role that defines the actor, or the actor that defines the role?”

Eighth guest on Actsiders, Ali Nasser is originally from Cairo, Egypt. He is an actor, voice actor, an improv performer at UCB and a copywriter!

As he’ll demonstrate in the episode, he is a wonderfully gifted voice actor. Proof of his talent, he was chosen by Disney to be the voice of Mickey Mouse back in Egypt.

In an effort to revive the theatre scene back there, he decided as a college student to create a theatre company. He also got cast in the Arabic adaptation of TV series ER.

In our conversation, you will hear us talk about the aftermath of the Arab Spring and how he is often confronted to a catch 22 when it comes to applying for Middle Eastern roles.

Have a look at the novel which Ali talks about; The Yacoubian building by Alaa-Al-Aswany.

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Christina: “Acknowledging that I am an actress was the easiest and the hardest thing in the world.”

Seventh guest on Actsiders, Christina  Farah is an actress, dancer, and voice over actor from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.
From a very early age, she performed, sang, danced and later on worked on multiple film sets, directed and produced short films, commercials, documentaries…
But a little more than a year ago it became clear that she wanted to dedicate herself entirely to acting. A decision that was like a  true liberation for her.
In this conversation, we talk about age and its non relevance, her coming to terms with her Arabic culture and identity, and how New York is helping her shape the actor she wants to become.
For our open mic session, Christina will be singing “Les uns contre les autres” a French song composed by Michel Berger.
I hope you enjoy as much as I did her fiery optimism and joie de vivre.

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 Check out the trailer of the film -West Beirut- that Christina highly recommends!

Ram: “My life has always been about playing.”

Sixth guest on Actsiders, Ram Kanneganti is an actor from Hyderabad, the capital of the Southern Indian State Telangana. He came to New York 4 years ago and just graduated from NYU.

In this episode, we talk about his passion for clowning and how this art has changed and shaped his understanding of the craft and to a much wider extent his own life. We also discuss his project for HBO visionaries, Indian stereotypes and the portrayal of religion in Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”.

At the end, you’ll hear a new addition to the show’s format. It’s called Actsiders’ open mic. For the last few minutes, the stage will from now on belong to the guests. They can sing, read, play an instrument, perform anything they fancy. This time, Ram will be reading you a poem of his.

Early on in the conversation, Ram speaks with great sincerity about his past heartbreaks and describes his younger self as a romantic. He says he is no longer but I do not believe this to be true 😉

Check out the book and film Ram recommends.

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Anna: “Sometimes the Universe throws you into situations at the right time.”

Fifth guest on Actsiders, Anna Just is from a small town in central Ukraine called Oleksandria. Anna and I actually met on the set of  TV show “Billions”, and on our way back we discovered that we both went to the same school.

Anna is a model, actor and producer and she is currently working on her first short film.

Before coming to the States, she worked in Japan and New Zealand. After a few failed attempts to get her visa she finally hit New York’s streets four years ago.

In this conversation, she tells me about her long journey to come here, her experience of the Ukrainian revolution of 2004, and how she keeps herself grounded when doubts and negative thinking come into play.

Click here to read Jack Plotnick’s ebook that Anna strongly recommends to anyone who’s pursuing acting.

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Mario: “What I love the most is to work!”

Fourth Actsiders’ guest, Mario Saldana is an actor and director from Lima, Peru.

I first met Mario while training at the Neighborhood Playhouse conservatory.

To put it simply, he is the definition of the life of the party! When you are with him there is not a dull moment. His smile and energy are so infectious. But he is also an incredibly hard working individual, and a passionate activist.

In this episode, Mario relates his audition experience for Netflix. After six audition filters, he finally ended up in Los Angeles… An inspiring journey told with humor and humility.

I can’t wait for you to discover his story!

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Camila: “Always be ready, that’s a New York rule.”

Third guest on Actsiders, Camila Pujol Ochoa is an actor, producer and a definite globetrotter.

Born in France, she lived in Mexico, Tahiti and New Zealand. Over the course of her childhood, she moved more than 30 times, always starting over and having to constantly re-adapt herself to new environments.

Jack-of-all-trades, Camila starts to work on film sets at the age of 15 and discovers acting. A passion she would never let go of…

Camila’s dynamism and curiosity are undeniably contagious. She’s someone you want to work with. I couldn’t be more excited to share Camila’s story with you all. See you on the air!

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Gianmarco: “I feel like I belong here.”

Second guest on the show, Gianmarco Colucci is an actor/singer/dancer from Teramo, a small town two hour from Rome, along Italy’s East coast.

Early on, his talent as a competitive swimmer destined him to the athletic world -at only 10 years old, he won a national record in the 50-meter butterfly- but music would take him on another route…

Gianmarco and I first met on a set last summer, where we were playing art gallery patrons. For a whole afternoon, we had to pretend to look at imaginary works of art and in between takes we got to talk. I was really impressed by his great poise and maturity. He definitely looks and sounds beyond his years.

I am so thrilled to welcome him on the show and chat about the ups and downs of the actor’s life in the Big Apple!

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